Meet Classic Girl. 

8.8% ABV, Hazy Double IPA. Featuring Galaxy & Citra Hops.

Can Art by Dan Yowell. Photography by Bill McGeeney.

Purchasing Classic Girl Hazy Double IPA

This beer is available on a periodic basis.

Available in 4 Packs, Crowlers and 1/6 Kegs depending on availability.

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Hey Rounders!

Bill McGeeney here from Round Guys Brewing Company! Learn more about the art of this beer label via an Art of the Brewery Episode.!

What is a Hazy Double India Pale Ale?

Simply put, it is a bigger version of a standard Hazy (which I mention first here), so let’s go into greater detail!

The imperial version of a standard Hazy India Pale Ale incorporates many tasty notes that are only really obtained through the build size of the actual making of the beer. To create a higher abv beer, you simply need more fermentables (sugars).

Since you need more fermentables, you are able to balance the sweetness created by your large malt bill (which becomes the sugars utilized in fermentation) with lots of hops, thereby creating a rich melon, cotton candy and tropical skittles hop character.

Why you should care?

You’ll probably be surprised to hear that this 8.8% ABV ale is our first Galaxy & Citra hop combination. You’ll find the beer itself to glow orange when poured.

It’s surely opaque and is solidly medium in body. India Pale Ale haters should best keep their hate at bay as you’ll find very little bitterness in this ale.