Meet Chronomancer. 

10.2% ABV, Belgian Quad Ale.

Can Art by Dan Yowell. Photography by Bill McGeeney.

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This beer is available Year Round.

Available in 4 Packs, Crowlers and 1/6 Kegs depending on availability.

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Hello Belgian Beer Fans!

Bill McGeeney of Round Guys Brewing Company! Let’s take a look at Chronomancer Belgian Quad Ale!

What is a Quad?

Quad Ales, also called Belgian Dark Strongs, clock in heavy but pack a ton of flavor. As a style, quads derive from one of the most storied brewing traditions, that of the Trappist monks in Belgium and the Netherlands. Utilizing house cultivated yeasts, these beers maintain a rich, distinct almost candy like character, while also a high abv.

Non-sequitur, don’t try and read too much into the term “quad” (short for quadruple). It’s best to hold the debates regarding its meaning until your next visit to the brewery, as while there appears to be much speculation, there doesn’t appear to be an equal number of facts as to why the term developed.

Anyhow – we Americans try and mimic this style through the use of specialized malt, Belgian yeast strains, and syrups which provide a rich candy sugar characteristic – notably plum, raison, and additional vibrant dark fruits. Quads remain one of the boldest, richest, and tastiest styles ever invented in beer (maybe even all of the alcoholic beverages).

Why you should care?

Even packing an abv of 10.2%, this beer is a pub favorite regardless of the season. However, for myself, I absolutely love this beer on a nice, frigid winter night. The abv quickly warms you up, all while you’re enjoying one of the most flavorful styles of beer ever invented.

Chronomancer fits the bill for a number of purposes, including sipping slowly by the fire, sitting in your living room watching the snow fall outside, or just enjoying a tasty beer with friends!

Bonus, share this beer with a friend who isn’t a beer drinker and you just might change their mind!