Meet Original Slacker.

3.5% ABV, English Style Brown Ale.

Can Art by James Comey. Photography by Bill McGeeney.

Purchasing Original Slacker English-style Brown Ale.

This beer is available on a periodic basis.

Available in 4 Packs, Crowlers and 1/6 Kegs depending on availability.

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Good Day Lovers of Brown Ales!

Bill McGeeney here from Round Guys Brewing Company! Today, look at an early Round Guys brew that finally made its way back onto the menu! (See this “A Lansdale OG Returns.”)

What is an English-Style Brown Ale?

Original Slacker, or OG Slacker as its referred to in house, is a tasty English-style Brown Ale. It’s a variant of the Brown Ale family, meaning that the beer style itself is often more of a malt driven, less hop prominent ale. As you might be aware, in the UK tradition, Brown ales and Porters share a very long heritage. This style is no exception and should be a top your casual drinking list.

Original Slacker English-Style Brown Ale weighs in at 3.5% ABV. That puts it squarely in the sessionable category for those who enjoy easy drinking beers but with all the flavor of a heavy hitter!

Why you should care?

This is one I truly love to drink!! On its face, it’s a simple light bodied ale. However, when you deconstruct the flavor – boy does the OG Slacker open up!

Taste enticing notes of toffee, vanilla, almond, and a balancing hop bitterness with additional underlying roasty flavors. Put all of this together, and you have one heck of a fun night at the pub!