Meet Famous Monsters.

5.4% ABV, Pumpkin Spiced Oktoberfest Lager.

Can Art by James Comey. Photography by Bill McGeeney.

Purchasing Famous Monsters Pumpkin Lager!

This beer is available between August – December.

Available in 4 Packs, Crowlers and 1/6 Kegs depending on availability.

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Hello Pumpkin Heads!

Bill McGeeney  here from Round Guys Brewing Company! I want to share a hidden gem you may not have known about!

What is Famous Monsters Pumpkin Lager?

Famous Monsters Pumpkin Lager simply put, is a pumpkin spiced Oktoberfest lager. At its core sits our DuHast Oktoberfest, then we add in a modest helping of pumpkin spices including extracts of cinnamon roll and oatmeal flavoring from Silver Cloud Estates. Famous Monsters weighs in at 5.4% ABV without much noticeable bitterness from the hops.

Why you should care?

Don’t get your gourd in a knot! Now I know what you’re going to say – why in their right mind would anyone wish to enjoy a pumpkin lager?
Here’re three reasons.

  1. Pumpkin beers often receive a bad rap by haters. However, there are people who love pumpkin beers. So, if you happen to be one of those, I have good news! This is a beer delicately crafted just for you!
  2. Scott Rudich, Round Guys Brewing Company’s founder and head brewer, is known for his ability to create balance. Ergo, this beer is not heavily spiced to the point that your tongue goes numb.
  3. Beer first, pumpkin second. The caramel and almond flavor character of the Oktoberfest base creates a very tasty undercurrent that makes this beer easy to pick up time, and time again.