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Bill McGeeney, of Round Guys Radio Network, here from Round Guys Brewing Company! Today, we talk about one of the most beloved Round Guys beers of all time!

What is Sanctified Tripel?

Sanctified, under synonyms Sanctified Belgian Golden Ale, or Sanctified Belgian Golden Strong Ale, remains a brewhouse staple weighing in at 8.8% – 9.1% ABV.

For those of you who’ve enjoyed our products for a while, you may recall (heck, might even still see) labeling for this beer as a ‘Belgian Golden Strong Ale,’ or a ‘Belgian Golden Ale.’ Do not fear! These terminologies simply mean the same thing, a Belgian Tripel.

Why you should care?

Sanctified isn’t a run of the mill tripel ale. Using rye and honey, flavor notches up parallel to the abv! Notice tasty lemon, banana, clove, and spicy floral notes throughout both the aroma and taste! There’s even a subtle pepper like yeast character when fresh!

It’s a pub favorite, a staff favorite, and generally is considered a good entry level beer for those who don’t wish to experience puckering hops or stinging sours.

Available Year Round:

4 Packs: Take Out [YES] | Shipping [YES]
Crowlers: Take Out [YES]
22oz Bottles: Take Out [NO]  | Shipping [NO]
1/6 Keg: Take Out [YES]

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