Lansdale, Pa. Local man, Jimmy McMillon, was found to be alive and well, living in the basement of the local Round Guys Brewing Company establishment. For the first time in recorded history, the owners of Round Guys Brewing Company dedicated a day to cleaning out the bottom half of their facility. Long a dumping ground for all of the left over equipment, boxes, tables, flat head screw drivers, and more, the brewery owners spent a full day hauling equipment destined for the scrap yard.

“It was kind of a shock to see Jimmy down here. Some months ago, he stopped reporting for his shifts. We all thought he just moved on, we had no idea he lived in our basement surviving on bread crust handouts from our kitchen staff. We’re honestly just glad he’s alive,” owner Bill McGeeney said.

McMillon, a busser and dishwasher, known for his cheery demeanor and happy go lucky life style, was a company favorite.

“You might call him our mascot,” owner Scott Rudich said in between power sawing an aluminum brace on a dismantled chiller.

The basement maintains an average temperature of 75 degrees and is relatively humid. When asked about his stay, Jimmy recounted the following, “It wasn’t so bad. I made my own bed out of foam padding long since intended to be used for pipe insulation. And I even found Scott’s old porn stash that helped me get through a particularly long rough patch.”