Emo Chili – Chili cooked with one of our house beers.

Lazy Roadies – Six Pretzel Factory rivets stuffed with cheese, wrapped in bacon.
Flavors: Cheddar, Buffalo Wing cheese & Ghost Pepper Pepperjack.

Drunken Groupies – Pretzel Factory rivets with our house made Fear of a Brett Planet beer cheese and House Mustard sauce.

Backstage Pass – Four Fathead Peppers with bread and dipping oil. Choose meat (prosciutto) or veggie (sundried tomato) or Hoagie (Salami/Sundried Tomato/Prov).

The Goo Goo’s Chicken Dip – House pulled chicken with Frank’s hot sauce, blue cheese, Cream Cheese and tortilla chips.

Don’t Burn the Pig – Selection of 4 different thick cut Bespoke Bacon flavors served with maple syrup, mustard, and pickled red onion.

My Morning Nachos – Tortilla chips with house chili or Black bean Dip (V), beer cheese, House salsa, lettuce, and sour cream. (Chicken optional).

Just Barely Hipster – House made hummus with grilled pita, feta cheese, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and Kalamata olives. (Aloofness and Disdain optional).

Hello, Is It Cheese You’re Looking For? – Selection of Local Cheeses from Doe Run Farm in Chester County.

Jungle Man – A charceuterie board with local cheeses and meats from Doe Run, Freeland Market and Our own kitchen.

The John Popper – Pulled pork, bacon with sautéed balsamic onions, House mustard, and buffalo wing cheese.

Dread Zeppelin – Pulled pork with spinach, garlic and provolone cheese.

The Weird Al – Slow roasted beef, horseradish sauce, and provolone cheese.

The Iggy – Pulled chicken, bacon, Chipotle ranch, and Cheddar cheese.

The Pretender – Pulled chicken, hot sauce, Provolone and blue cheese.

Gerado – Slow roasted beef, Bacon, Chipotle Mayo and cheddar cheese.

The Morrissey – Black bean dip, Cheddar cheese, coleslaw, and roasted garlic spread.

The Hasselhoff (German Cheesesteak)* – * (On a fresh Heath Bakery roll) German-style Cheesesteak-Ground beef and spicy house blend sausage, sautéed Onion with American and cheddar cheese melted in. (Sauerkraut optional).

Sides Options (Choose two): Hot German Potato Salad * House Coleslaw * Sweet and Sour Cabbage* Cup of Chili* Potato Chips


Blueberry Sanctified Shortcake

Berliner Lemon Merengue

Fear of a Brett Planet Rasberry Hand Pie

Amateur Hour Cheesecake

Sundown Saison Crem Brulee

Two Step Caramel Popcorn

Every Sunday, 12:00 – 3:00pm

Holiday in the Sun:

Fried Eggs paired with fresh Potato Pancakes, Housemade Sweet & Sour Cabbage, and Sausage.

Wordless Chorus:

French Toast made with Hearth Bakery Bread smothered in using Haymaker Strawberry Vanilla Mead batter. Served with tasty syrup and butter.

Citi Soleil:

Two Eggs Poached and gently placed atop Pulled Pork and Sautéed Spinach. Served over toast and topped off with our rich Kiss Off IPA infused Hollandaise.

Pawn Shop Tacos:

Stealing a page from our Taco Tuesday, enjoy Two of our Gourmet Tacos featuring Scrambled Eggs, Black Beans, Cheddar Cheese, Lettuce, Salsa, and Sour Cream.

Sheep Go To Heaven:

Large German Rolled Pancakes filled to the brim with Bananas. Served with tasty syrup and butter.

Love You Sunday Morning:

Enjoy a fresh mug of Russian Messenger Stout topped off with a Poached Egg and a Slice of Bespoke Bacon.

Brunch Drinks:


Exactly what you think it is. Our Famous Berlinerweiss paired with Orange Juice.

*Food Menu Items are subject to change and may not be 100% accurate with website.