Emo Chili – Chili cooked with one of our stouts.

Lazy Roadies – Pretzel Factory rivets stuffed with buffalo wing cheese, wrapped in bacon.

Drunken Groupies – Pretzel Factory rivets with our house made Fear of a Brett Planet beer cheese and Brown Mustard sauce.

Backstage Pass – 3 Fathead Pepper Shooters with bread and dipping oil. Available in meat (prosciutto) or veggie (sundried tomato).

The Goo Goo’s Chicken Dip – Our Buffalo connection. House pulled chicken with Frank’s hot sauce, blue cheese and tortilla chips.

Just Barely Hipster – House made hummus with grilled pita, feta cheese, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, and Kalamata olives.

Served with a side of aloofness and disdain add $1.25

My Morning Nachos – Tortilla chips with house chili, jalapeños, beer cheese, salsa, lettuce, and sour cream.

The John Popper – Pulled pork, bacon with balsamic onion compote, Dijon mustard, and hot buffalo wing cheese.

Dread Zeppelin – Slow cooked pulled pork with spinach, garlic and provolone cheese.

The Weird Al – Thinly sliced slow roasted eye round beef, horseradish, and provolone cheese.

The Iggy – Pulled chicken, bacon, ranch, and Swiss cheese.

The Pretender – Pulled chicken, hot sauce, and blue cheese.

Rodrigo – Cheddar, Swiss and American cheese with Bacon and Diced Jalapeños. (Bacon and Jalapeños optional)

The Hasselhoff (German Cheesesteak)* – * (On a fresh Heath Bakery roll) Ground beef and hot sausage prepared with sauerkraut, American and cheddar cheese

Sides Options (Choose two): Hot German Potato Salad * House Coleslaw * Sweet and Sour Cabbage* Cup of Chili* Potato Chips


Blueberry Sanctified Shortcake

Berliner Lemon Merengue

Fear of a Brett Planet Rasberry Hand Pie

Amateur Hour Cheesecake

Sundown Saison Crem Brulee

Two Step Caramel Popcorn

*Prices and Food Menu Items are subject to change and may not be 100% accurate with website.